Urbanity Infrared IR Floor Standing Beauty Spa Physiotherapy Heat Therapy Treatment Lamp


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This professional Floor-Standing Infrared Lamp is perfect for use in both professional settings and at home. Infrared heat therapy uses short-wave infrared light to provide a deeper penetration of heat than other heat sources available on the market.

This infrared lamp is 275W, therefore providing users with powerful heat therapy treatment. With a range of uses, this infrared lamp provides effective heat treatment for muscular pain, improved blood circulation improving skin conditions, and for chronic pain relief from conditions such as Arthritis. Heat treatment is an effective alternative to taking medication.

With its strong castors, this high quality floor-standing Infrared Lamp can be moved around easily in treatment rooms. It is also flexible to use for a variety of different treatments due to the folding aspect of the lamp to reach different areas of the body, providing more localised heat treatment.

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  • Powerful 275W of power.
  • Provides deep heat therapy to treat a number of conditions and for pain relief.
  • Strong castors enable the lamp to be moved around easily.
  • Folding arm enables the user to reach different parts of the body for localised treatment.
  • Comes complete with infrared bulb.