Tenscare iTouch Easy TENS Machine for Safe and Natural Pain Relief


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itouch Easy is a simple to use and effective dual channel TENS machine with comfortable output and gentle control

• Pad Alarm – To ensure best performance the “itouch easy” has been fitted with a “Pad Alarm” that shows if the contact of any of the four pads to the body is lost or below standard.
• One Touch Memory Start TM – at the touch of only ONE button, the i-touch remembers and returns to the last settings used. It gently ramps up to around 75% of the last intensity level used, taking into account the natural tolerance that the body may have built up.
• Comfort Strength Control – Gives a known and reproducible stimulation. CSC monitors skin and electrode pad resistance and adjuststhe output to maintain a constant current, which is linked to intensity steps of 0.5mA, for maximum confort.
• 2 in 1 Lead Connection – Unique single plug connection for both channels simplifying lead conection and management during use.
• 8 medically proven programmes.
• 2 year unit warranty

  • The itouch Easy TENS unit offers relief from a wide range of pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, back pain and a wide range of other causes
  • Easy to use dual channel TENS machine which means you can stimulate 4 pads around the area of pain
  • Comfortable output and gentle control
  • 8 medically proven programmes
  • 2 year unit warranty