A UNIQUE, SAFE AND EFFECTIVE REMEDY FOR RELIEVING BACK-PAIN! Focus on... The best or nothing! The BackrackTM is an indispensable aid for patients suffering from spinal disorders. It will benefit sufferers of spine-related pain, and conditions such...

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These microwave hand warmers will provide soothing warmth and comfort. Simply warm them in a microwave. Useful when at home. Wheat filled hand warmers known to help those with reynaud's, arthritis, joint aches and pains and cold hands. Comes...

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Power Balance Energy dual therapy wristband. It combines Ionic AND Magnetic therapy into one unique and stylish wristband. With TWO identical loops of Negative Ion releasing "Mineon Health Fibre" and twin orientate therapeutic magnets, it the most...

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Vulkan Back Support With Stays-3093 The Vulkan Back Brace provides significant and high quality levels of lumbar support for those recovering from a severe episode of lower back pain or a back injury. Product Description * Provides...

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Copper is an Essential Element for the Enzyme that Regenerates the Cartilage Lining in our Bones. Think of your Copper Ring as a time release source of Copper. Some of the most common uses for medicinal Copper Rings are, Arthritis, Iron Deficiency...

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The All-New Proven Gel Protection Bunion Soother This, the latest in footcare products gives proven relief for painful toes distorted by GOUT, BUNIONS, ARTHRITIS or just years of hard work! - Get FAST Relieffrom painful bunions and sores with this...

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