The 66fit cold compression therapy knee support is the latest affordable compression system on the market. Designed as a 'one size fits all' this unique compression support is designed to minimise swelling whilst applying compression along...

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Magnetic Bracelet / Bangle Men's / Ladies Squeeze to Fit Copper Magnetic Bangle. Approximate Sizes Thickness: 13mm Diameter: 78mm. Magnets: 6. About Magnetic Therapy. Magnetic Therapy is a NATURAL, SAFE, DRUG FREE therapy which is believed to...

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Individual Left / Right Neoprene Shoulder Support By Vulkan * Available for each shoulder, the Vulkan Half Shoulder Support is ideal for protecting the shoulder joint following injury. * The heat retaining properties of the material in the...

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LP Double Shoulder Neoprene Support Product Description LP Supports supplies the highest quality supports in the world, offering a complete range of products for the major injury-prone areas of the body, including the foot, ankle, knee, back,...

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Magnetic Bracelet. Approximate Size Around Wrist: Small 180mm/Large 200mm But Will Squeeze In or Pull Out From This - Approximate Width: 13mm - Magnets: 6 -About Magnetic Therapy. Magnetic Therapy is a NATURAL, SAFE, DRUG FREE therapy which is...

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Wollet Magnetic Jewelry Co., Ltd. specializing in the export of healthy magnetic bracelet, stainless steel bracelet, tungsten bracelet, titanium bracelet, copper bracelet , ceramic bracelet. bracelet can add healthy elements, Neodymium magnets,...

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