Acupressure shares similar effects to acupuncture but does not involve penetrating the skin. It works by applying pressure to certain points on the body, thereby releasing tension. The acupressure massage ring is recommended for use if you have...

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Buy Magnohealth the trusted brand and established worldwide market leader in magnetic bracelets, and enjoy the benefits like millions of our other satisfied customers. An all time classic torc bracelet worn by both men and women. Highly polished...

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The Acusoothe ring is made of a flexible steel wire specially designed for the therapeutic massage of fingers and toes through Sujok therapy. Sujok Therapy is not only limited to pain. It can be used in health problems like Arthritis Spondylitis...

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A new TechAffect Acu-pal electric Acupuncture Stimulation Pen, developed for easy and safe home treatment without piercing skin.  It is a dual-purpose device for personal home use. It is an acupuncture point locator device, so you can find just...

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