Chemicals found within pumpkin seeds may result in frequent urination because of the diuretic properties, and this will assist with reduction of discomfort to the bladder. There is also a type of chemical found in pumpkin seed that is believed to...

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Rosehip As the name suggests, Rosehip is actually derived from the rose flower that is so commonly used to display romantic affections. What many people don't know is that part of that very same flower can also be used to the benefit of the human...

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CanabidolTM CBD Oil CanabidolTM is the best selling brand of CBD to be available in the UK. Derived from EU approved legal industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) which is grown under licence for use in foods and medicinal products. Unlike other...

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Zestlife Rosehip 2000mg - Rose hip or Rose Haw this traditional herb has been used as an alternative remedy for aching joints by herbalists for centuries. Up to date research from the University of Copenhagen published in the Journal of...

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100% Natural Rosehip Extract 2000mg by Nutriodol® - A Rose hip is the fruit of a rose. The wild dog rose is the type of rose most often cultivated for their hips. This plant grows up to ten feet tall and bears a white, very fragrant flower. Once...

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