SIWEI® Wrist Support / Carpal Tunnel Splint / Black Wrist Brace for Immediate Pain Relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Wrist Pain, Sprains, RSI and Arthritis – Doctor Recommended (S, Right (12-17cm))


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1. The SIWEI Stabilized Wrist Brace features a removable metal splint to allow variable stabilization of the wrist and hand.
2.The adjustable strap provides additional compression around the wrist and/or hand if needed which can help encourage correct alignment of the carpal bones and therefore help reduce inflammation in the wrist, which is useful in the management of carpal tunnel syndrome.
3.The support can also be used to help reduce strain caused by repetitive movements at the wrist associated with typing, writing and other occupational or sporting activities.
4. Neoprene material provides warmth and stimulates the blood flow to speed up the healing process and is both more breathable and proven to eliminate bacteria and odours
Measure your wrist circumference in centimetres, Available in sizes Small to Large
Small- 12-17. Medium- 15-20. Large-18-23.

  • Helps manage carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, tenosynovitis and support the wrist
  • Can help encourage correct alignment of the carpal bones and help reduce inflammation
  • Helps with repetitive strains, sprains and instability of the wrist
  • Helps with arthritic wrists, chronic aches and stiffness
  • Provides adjustable support and compatible
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