Rosehip ‘No More Pain’ – 90 x 2000mg Capsules – Alleviates Pain in Body Joints and Bones. Supports Healthy Joint Functions and Movement


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As the name suggests, Rosehip is actually derived from the rose flower that is so commonly used to display romantic affections. What many people don’t know is that part of that very same flower can also be used to the benefit of the human body. The Rosehip itself is actually the rounded portion of the rose flower, which is located just below the petals. If you take a look at a rose you should easily be able to see it for yourself. It contains the seeds of the plant, which are often used alongside the Rosehip itself to make supplements and medicines.


Current research suggests that Rosehip can have a number of different benefits, with the most common uses revolving around providing relief from the symptoms of arthritis or general inflammation.

A trial reported by Arthritis UK involved 89 participants who were randomly assigned either a placebo or 5mg of Rosehip powder, which they were to take once every day for six months. The results showed that those who received the Rosehip demonstrated far greater improvements, particularly in physical function and disease activity, than those who were in the placebo group.

Other benefits include reducing blood pressure, improving Libido in women, correcting eye disorders and acts as a vitamin C dose.

Rosehip is used in many cosmetic products, particularly those that target the skin, and it has been shown to be effective in reducing the signs of ageing when used alongside other compounds and ingredients.

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Rosehip could be what you need to order to enjoy relief from the symptoms of sore joints and arthritic pains. Order your bottle today and start feeling the benefits!

  • Helps soothe symptoms of body aches, arthritis & arthritic pains such as osteoarthritis through anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Supports healthy joint functions, flexibility and movement in common problem areas such as the knees.
  • Rose hips can provide vitamin A, C and E and is a source of other beneficial fatty acids.
  • Rosehip is often used in cosmetics for it’s anti-ageing purposes.
  • High quality assured. Made in the UK.