Pumpkin Seed Extract 2000mg 90 Capsules Extract From Pumpkin Seed Oil


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Chemicals found within pumpkin seeds may result in frequent urination because of the diuretic properties, and this will assist with reduction of discomfort to the bladder. There is also a type of chemical found in pumpkin seed that is believed to be capable of destroying worms in the intestines. The pumpkin Seed oil 500mg has anti-inflammatory action, indicated in a particular way in inflammations of the urinary tract, and is enhanced by its rich in zinc, a trace element that has a particular action in the male genito-urinary system, as directly involved in spermatogenesis, and is a mineral that acts as a cofactor of the enzyme delta-6-desaturase in the biosynthetic pathway of inflammatory prostaglandins.The pumpkin seed oil also has a positive effect on the sphincters, particularly for people with urinary incontinence, prostatitis, urethritis, benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) is equally effective in female urinary infections (cystitis).

  • May help bladder and prostate function
  • May help with fertility and reproduction
  • May help to treat arthritis
  • Made In The UK
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