Phytodol Joint Care Spray 200 ml


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With Glucosamine MSM and essential Ginger,Arnica and Zedoary oils,plus Cinnamon,PhytodolJoint Care helps to maintain healthy joints and muscles,Phytodol Joint Care Cream contains Glucosamine and MSM,both known for their positive effects on joints. Phytodol Joint Care also contains Arnica,Ginger and Zedoary essential oils,as well as cinnamon,which help the maintenance of healthy muscles and joints

  • The Only Spray of its kind! For Joint care and muscles.
  • Contains Glucosamin, MSM, arnica, ginger and zedoary essential oils and cinammon;
  • All Natural active ingredients; Fast action, instantly absorbed, non-stain formula!
  • It is not a medicated spray so can be used as many times as needed!
  • Pleasant cinammon scent.
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