Perskindol Active Gel Dual Action Relief from Arthritic or Muscle Aches and Pains 100ml


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Perskindol Active Gel Muscle & Joint is developed with essential plant oils to help relieve the pain of sports injuries and soothe aching joints.

  • Perskindol Active Gel contains plant-based essential oils which have an immediatte cooling effect and quickly heats and soothes.
  • The unique formulation penetrates the skin giving an immediate cooling sensation.
  • The initial cooling is quickly replaced by a soothing heat as the essential oils work together to activate peripheral circulation.
  • Perskindol Active can be used before and after sporting activity or to ease aching joints when required.
  • Use Perskindol Active Gel on Back, Neck, Shoulders, Arms, Elbows, Hands, Legs, Knees and Feet.