Orthosleeve® QS4 Thigh Compression Sleeve | Exclusive 4 Zone Compression Technology® | Built-In ITBS Band | Quad Strain, Hamstring, Leg Fatigue Therapy & Relief | Lightweight Strap | Boosts Circulation | 30 Day Guarantee


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Orthosleeve QS4 Compression Thigh Sleeve with ITB Band

Exclusively Patented Compression Zone Technology
Prevention Protection Relief

Easy-on-fit wicks away moisture

Thin and light, wear anytime, anywhere

Hundreds of hypoallergenic gel dots stabilise and keep sleeve from slipping

All-in-One Thigh & ITB Brace
Relives Iliotibal Band Syndrome
Eases Quad Stain
Reduces Swelling


The QS4 thigh compression sleeve has a sleek, form-fitting design with shaped-to-fit technology comprised of four graduated compression zones. These zones provide a range of light, moderate, and firm compression, creating ideal muscle leg compression support. With all areas of the leg receiving the compression level that best suits them, the QS4 provides maximum muscle stability and effective pain relief.

The QS4 is wide, smooth, and comfortable enough to wear at any time, whether under everyday clothing or beneath athletic apparel during vigorous physical activity. It is a safer alternative to heavy splints which restrict movement and hinder effective circulation. Athletes who are suffering from ITBS or other leg injuries can use the QS4 to obtain relief from their symptoms, and non-injured athletes can wear it to prevent injuries from ever developing.

- Advanced Medical Device for ITB syndrome, quad strain, hamstring weakness and leg fatigue
- Easy-on fit for continuous support, day or night
- Soft, moisture-wicking fabric
- Wear comfortably under any apparel
- Wear during walking or exercising for extra protection
- Exclusive non-slip design keeps sleeve in place
- Stabilises muscles & tendons 

 Caution: Consult a doctor if you are diabetic or suffer from poor circulation. Do not use on broken or injured skin

  • Find relief for Illiotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS), Quad Strains, Hamstring Weakness, and Leg Fatigue with the best compression thigh sleeve with a built in ITBS band.
  • Medical Grade Support with Compression Zone Technology – Supports healthy leg muscles and joints
  • Easy-On fit for continuous support and pain reduction, day or night.
  • Soft Moisture Wicking Fabric – Wear Comfortably Under Socks for Extra Support
  • Gel lining prevents slipping.