OPPO 1021 Knee Open Patella Brace Neoprene Compression Support Arthritis Guard (Large (L))


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The knee joint includes the tibiofemoral, patellofemoral and superior tibiofibular joints.

There are two menisci which are semilunar-shaped discs of fibrocartilage between the femoral condyles and tibial plateaus.

Their main functions are shock absorption and stability enhancement.

There are many ligaments to provide stability and prevent excessive motion.

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), medial collateral

ligament (MCL), and lateral collateral ligament (LCL) are the key ligaments for stabilization

of the knee joint.


Prevents Knee strain/ sprain.
Suitable for weak knee, arthritis pain, sports and patellar instability.

How to wear:

- Hold the top of support using both hands, one on each side.
- Insert foot into support and pull up to the knee.
- The opening should be over the kneecap.

Recommended by professionals and athletes……Measure around the mid-section of the knee, while in a standing position—-Small: 33.7- 35.9 cm (13 1/4- 14 1/8 inches)—- Medium: 36.2- 38.4 cm (14 1/4 – 15 1/8 inches)—- Large: 38.7- 43.5 cm (15 1/4- 17 1/8 inches)—- XL: 43.8- 51.1cm (17 1/4- 20 1/8 inches)—- XXL: 51.4- 56.2 cm (20 1/4- 22 1/8 inches)

  • Provides compression for weak or overstressed knee.
  • Open patella design relieves pressure.
  • Exclusive reinforced patella stabilizer to prevent displacement.
  • Helpful for post-operative knee problems, strains and arthritis.
  • Measure around the mid-section of the knee, while standing. Small: 33.3- 37.5 cm —- Medium: 38.4- 40.6 cm—- Large: 41 – 45.1cm —- XL: 46- 50.2cm —- XXL: 51.1- 55.3 cm