Neoprene Elbow Support Tennis Arthritis Strap Brace


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This Provectus Neoprene Elbow Brace with strap is a premium support used for tennis/golfer’s elbow. The neoprene material is of high quality and assures that heat is trapped and stays in the injured area, allowing an increase in circulation which has found to be essential in speeding up healing process. The wide Velcro strap that is secured right across both tennis/golfer’s elbow allows direct compression to be placed upon the injured tendon, this spreads the force that is generated when doing any elbow/wrist action, therefore reducing the pain and avoiding further injury.

  • Supports the healing of damaged ligaments and tendons.
  • prevention and healing of any sport injuries including gym, exercising and MMA.
  • Reduces Bruising and swelling Stabilisation of the elbow Used for sprains and strains to the elbow on day to day tasks
  • High Quality Neoprene material for increased compression and support to the elbow
  • Adjustable strap for more compression and tighter fit.