Microwave Hand Warmers Gloves – Pair of Hot Mitts Black Large for Men


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These microwave hand warmers will provide soothing warmth and comfort. Simply warm them in a microwave. Useful when at home. Wheat filled hand warmers known to help those with reynaud’s, arthritis, joint aches and pains and cold hands.

  • Comes boxed 1 pair wheat filled hand warmers in soft fleece cover.
  • Warm in your microwave for instant heat, can be reused when cooled down.
  • Comes boxed. Available in red medium and black large. This listing is for black large for men.
  • The hand warmers are filled with wheat and will stay warm for about 45 mins. Great for Arthritis and poor circulation.
  • They are made of cleaned wheat filled in the UK. Class 1 medical device.