Medex Spray, Propolis in Alcohol Solution, for adults, 30ml ( Honey and Bee Products )


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Propolis in spray contains 7 % propolis in alcohol solution; therefore it has a strong propolis flavour. It is a perfect substance for preventing and healing mouth mucous, gullet, gums and periodontal tissue inflammations. The word propolis is of Greek origin and means to defend a city from the enemy. Propolis has helped bees thrive as a species for more than 45 million years. It is the foundation of health for bees, enabling robust development and life of the colonies in the beehive. Besides propolis, the product contains niacin that contributes to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes. The product is completely natural, delicious, and does not contain preservatives, colouring, artificial flavouring, or sweeteners. Packed in a spray, it suits everyone who wants to take advantage of propolis with a direct application to the mouth.

  • Propolis in spray contains 7 % propolis in alcohol .
  • It has a strong propolis flavour.
  • Healing mouth mucous.
  • For periodontal tissue inflammations.
  • For gullet, gums.