Magnetic Bracelet Bangle Ladies Mens Copper Floral Scroll Arthritis Aid Bio Help Copper Scroll Small


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Magnetic Bracelet / Bangle Men’s / Ladies Squeeze to Fit Copper Magnetic Bangle. Approximate Sizes Thickness: 9mm Diameter: 70mm. Magnets: 6. About Magnetic Therapy. Magnetic Therapy is a NATURAL, SAFE, DRUG FREE therapy which is believed to provide the following benefits and many more:- Relief from the effects of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis Promote restful sleep to aid with insomnia Stimulation of blood circulation Relief for aching joints and muscles Helps to feel less tired and fatigued Relief for headaches Raising oxygen levels Relief for period pains and stress Magnetic therapy has no known side effects, you can wear magnetic jewellery for an indefinite length of time regardless of magnet strength. Magnetic products must not be used during pregnancy, if you have any electrical implants or pacemakers, on open wounds, if you are using insulin pumps, or for young children. Magnets have been used as therapy for thousands of years, dating all the way back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Our Magnets The magnets in our Magnetic bracelets are 3000 Gauss strength. Our Magnetic Bracelets are delivered in an organza bag so are great for giving as a gift. Please note that all copper bangles and bracelets can sometimes leave a slight green residue on your skin, this is a natural effect of copper and is easily washed off. Disclaimer: Our magnetic therapy items are not sold as medical devices and as such we make no medical claims. Magnetic therapy will not provide a cure and we cannot guarantee that you will experience any of the benefits outlined above, with that said many people claim to find relief from many ailments as a result of magnetic therapy.

  • Magnetic Therapy
  • Large and Small Size
  • 6 Magnets Included
  • Help for Ailments
  • Stylish Design
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