Ligaflex Immo Wrist Immobilisation Splint – highly effective wrist immobilisation splint for a variety of wrist injuries, Rheumatoid arthritis, Inflammatory Joint Diseases, Wrist tendon diseases / injuries, Tenosynovitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, De Quervain’s, Guyon’s Canal Syndrome, Carpal Instability, Radiocarpal Arthritis. Available in 3 sizes. (Size 3 – Right)


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The Ligaflex Immo is a highly effective wrist immobilisation splint with 3 possible immobilisation positions due to 3 pairs of x-ray transparent wrist reinforcements. The Ligaflex Immo Wrist Immobiliser provides optimum support for the wrist joint as the length of the splint is perfectly designed to ensure total wrist immobilisation. Depending on the reinforcements used with the brace the wrist can be immobilised in the extended position (usual position of the wrist splint), flexed position with the wrist flexed and inclined (palmar flexion and cubital inclination. Made from high quality materials for comfort whilst worn, easy to apply, fit and remove and is available in 3 sizes – see our easy to use sizing guide. Extended Wrist Position Indications: Wrist or Carpal Injuries: – Scaphoid pseudarthrosis – Dorsal triquetral avulsion – Carpal Instability – Degenerative disease: – Radiocarpal arthritis: SLAC and SNAC – Carpal boss – Synovical cist of the wrist. – Kienboch’s aseptic necrosis of the semilunar bone. – Inflammatory joint disease: – Rheumatoid arthritis. Tendon Diseases and wrist tendon injuries: – De Quervain’s stenotic tenosynovitis – Crepitant tenosynovitis of the extensors Flexed Wrist Position Indications: – Tenosynovitis of the flexors: carpal tunnel syndrome that has not been surgically corrected. – Peri-scaphoid arthritis. – Guyon’s canal syndrome. Flexed Wrist and inclination Position Indications: – Reduction of radial fracture and stabilization. – Wrist fractures in the elderly. – Gradual return of wrist to flexion. Measurement/Fitting: Available in 3 and in left and right hand models – to find the correct size you require please measure the circumference of your wrist in centimeters and choose from the sizing guide below: Size 1 – 13-15 cm Size 2 – 15.5 – 17.5 cm Size 3 – 18-20 cm

  • Provides optimal wrist immobilisation in a choice of 3 positions and recommended for rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory joint diseases, wrist tendon injuries, Tenosynovitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, deQuervain’s Syndrome, Gyon’s Canal Syndrome, Wrist Arthritis, and more.
  • Easy to fit, remove and adjust to the desired wrist immobilisation position.
  • 3 x-ray transparent pairs of reinforcements that can be positioned to hold the wrist in the desired position.
  • Made from high quality materials for optimum support, comfort and breathability – built to last.
  • Supplied in box with full fitting and care instructions. Available in 3 sizes- choose from our sizing guide below.