JollyGear Knee Brace Support Open Patella Stabilizer for ACL Arthritis and Sports (Black, One Size)


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The JollyGear Knee Brace supports the knee. It relieves pain. That’s a whole lot of difference when you’re winning for the team. Or simply enjoying long walks.
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The knee brace snugly fits around your knee with firm support. It would almost feel like second skin.
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  • Responds to joint swelling with adjustable straps: JollyGear Knee Brace gives moderate compression to knee swelling. Adjust straps as swelling decreases
  • Relieves Pain: With its Patellar Stabilizer Design, the patella follows the correct movement to prevent further injury
  • Overall Stability: JG Knee Brace also supports ACL, PCL, MCL, and PCL throughout the whole knee motion for running, walking, exercising and other activities
  • Allow Patellar Movement while Compressing the Knee: It’s Open Patellar Design allows patellar movement while still giving knee stability
  • Prolonged Muscle Relaxation: Heat-retaining material promotes muscle relaxation and blood circulation around the knee