Hyaluronic Acid Capsules 250mg – Highly Dosed and Pure Hyaluronic Acids Tabletts – Anti-Aging Wrinkles Crow-Feet and Acne Away – Organic Joint-Complex and Skin-Care – 60 Vegan Capsules


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Gloryfeel – Hyaluronic acid capsules Gloryfeel hyaluronic acids natural anti-aging and joint protection complex – highly dosed and pure. Our new hyaluronic acid capsules have following attributes: • One capsule contains 125mg hyaluronic acid. With a recommended daily dose of 2 capsules, this makes 250g hyaluronic acid in 2 capsules • The cellulose capsules are on herbal basis only, and therefor perfectly suitable for vegans and vegetarians. • 1 monthly cure – 60 capsules meet the need of a whole month as per recommended daily dose Like all of our Gloryfeel products, our hyaluronic acid product too, is produced in Germany with highest quality standards and is microbiological examined and released by an independent accredited test laboratory. You are welcome to request the test report from us. 100% natural, highly dosed and pure As we of Gloryfeel pay high attention on best quality and natural agents, our hyaluronic acid capsules (better than hyaluronic adics tablets) are highly dosed, natural and pure, manufactured and produced in Germany under strict quality guidelines and are tested by independent accredited test laboratories. Trust in the hyaluronic acid by Gloryfeel, because: WE WANT YOU TO FEEL WELL – GLORYFEEL Please bear in mind: All of our products leave the production process with a shrink-wrapped foil around the lid, which has to be removed when opening. Watch out for an undamaged seal when you receive the product

  • ✅ HIGHLY DOSED & PURE: The hyaluronic-capsules by GloryFeel supply 250mg of hyaluronic acid per daily dose ( equals 2 capsules of 125mg
  • ✅ 100% NATURAL: Our hyaluronic acids are on herbal basis only, free of genetic engineering, pesticides and fungicides.
  • ✅ HIGH QUALITY: Hyaluronic Acid by GloryFeel is manufactured under highest quality standards. Our capsules undergo strict quality controls in this process as well as the independent tests of accredited testing laboratories. ➨ We are happy to send you these test reports
  • ✅ Hyaluronic Cure: 60 capsules meet the need of a month of hyaluronic acid cure – as per recommended consumption
  • ✅ FOR VEGANS & VEGETERIANS: Our hyaluronic acid capsules suit perfectly as supplement to a vegan or vegetarian diet.