Hotties Soothing Backwrap Microwavable Heat Wrap for Lower Back Pain Relief – Black Quilted


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Hottie microwaveable hot water bottle. The Hottie thermal pack is contained in a hand sewn fabric wrap with black binding and touch fasten extension strap. Core included, size 23cm x 19cm.

Back Wrap Benefits

  • Delivers continuous gentle warmth, designed specifically to ease lower back pain.
  • Many studies have shown the effectiveness of sustained low level heat wrap therapy for non-specific back pain.
  • Penetration of heat relaxes the muscle and increases blood flow.
  • The increased blood flow helps wash away substances that cause pain.
  • Back pain can strike at anytime with millions suffering at any one time.
  • Keep your back wrap handy for use when needed.
  • Consistent low level heat is a proven aid to pain relief – it relaxes, soothes and minimises the need for pain killers.
  • The back wrap is discreet, comfortable and non-restrictive.
  • It is designed to allow you free movement and to help you cope with living life to the full.
  • This product embraces the modern approach to back pain management encouraging you to continue your everyday activities thereby minimising muscle wastage and longer term chronic back pain.
  • Delivers continuous gentle warmth, designed specifically to ease lower back pain
  • It features a reusable thermal core which microwaves in minutes and provides gentle, sustained heat for hours
  • CE registered as a Class 1 medical device, entirely reusable, non-invasive
  • Factory sealed, engineered laminate pouch containing only water absorbed on to a medical grade non-woven pad
  • Just pop the pack into the microwave for 2-3 minutes and place into the covered pouch inside the Back Wrap