Halovie 7 Magnet Health Care Anti Arthritis Rheumatism Pain Relief Magnetic Pure Copper Bracelets For Women Length 20cm


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Material: Copper
Strong Magnet: 7 germanium
Condition: 100% Brand New
Chain Length: 200mm, Width: 6.0mm
Clasp: Fold-over clasp
Weight: 36.6g
Surface treatment: 18 Gold plated

  • 7pcs germanium; Chain Length: 200mm, Width: 6.0mm
  • The magnetic bracelet will create a magnetic field upon the body, helping to energize and boost the rate of circulation, improve anti-infective activity and enhancing immunity, normalize endocrine production by helping to regulate and balance endocrine functions and so on.
  • It also helps to heal broken bones or helps to remove calcium build-up from painful arthritic joints.
  • Magnetic bracelet suitable crowd: hyperpietic, people who use computer or electrical appliance very often, people who feel stressful or suffer from insomnia, and people who lack of exercise, etc.
  • Magnetism is an all-natural choice and tool whose forces penetrate into the channels of the body to help regulate its physiological functions. This is a great health gift for yourself or friends or families as well as a great jewellery.