Fenrad® Adjustable Athletics Dual Action Knee Support Strap Band Brace Pad Runners Jumpers Knee Aid Set of 2 For Men/Women Running Basketball Badminton Table Tennis Outdoor Sport (Black)


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This knee support is designed for the treatment and prevention of knee injuries by using external pressure.
It also provides protection to the knee ligaments, bones and soft tissues.
The knee brace works by applying constant, dynamic forces to the surrounding area of the knee, which reduces the likelihood of overuse syndromes.
The adjustable knee support applies pressure to the tendon below the knee to reduce patellar subluxations and improve patellar tracking and elevation.
The knee support also helps strengthen the knee joints and helps to reduce the risk of injury by adding pressure on the tendon above the knee.
The neoprene fabric produces mild massaging and warming effect that helps to promote healing.
It also provides compression that improves the blood flow to the surrounding tissues.
Helps to retain and stabilize the patella, preventing dislocation and ensuring normal movement.
Suitable for leg circumference: 35 ~ 48 cm
Package includes:
1 Pair Dual Action Knee Support Strap

  • Relief from painful and weakened knees caused from overuse or degeneration;
  • Dual action compression helps tighten and strengthen the knew mechanism;
  • Strong ability to fashionable, permeability and absorption ability, very soft and easy to wash;
  • Provides relief of pain associated with soreness, stiffness and arthritis;
  • The special design allows full mobility of the knee and is ideal to wear while playing most sports.