EasySock Aid Helps Putting on Socks Without the Need To Bend Down. Flexible, Strong Sock Aid Allows User to Sit Upright when Putting On Socks.


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EasySock Sock Aid for People who have difficulty in bending and need Help Putting on Socks.
Ideal for people who suffer with back problems such as arthritis, injury or recovering from an operation. Allows Independence when Putting on Socks.
Only one hand needed to use the EasySock when pulling on the sock.

The Long – 30″(750mm) Strong,Flexible but Soft Moulding allows complete control when Putting on Socks. The unique design without tapes or cords allows a strong and easier grip for arthritic or weak hands. The EasySock is designed to help people who have difficulty in bending to put on socks. The 30″ (750mm) long high-density polyethene moulding acts like a shoe horn. It provides a wide opening for the foot to slip into and the ingenious grip and hand holds make putting on socks an Easy task.
EasySock Sock Aid.
• Strong but Flexible Long 30″(750mm) Polythene Moulding Allows User to Sit Upright During use.
• EasySock folds away after use for easy storage.
Unique Design WITHOUT Tapes or Cords which are difficult to Grip.
• Easy to use hand Grip helps people with arthritis or weak grip.
• Patent Protected
• Money Back Guarantee.
• Manufactured in the UK.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We do not recommend the EasySock for use with tights, nylons or surgical stockings. Socks must have elasticated tops for the EasySock to work as designed, therefore use with Diabetic Non-Stretch Socks will not be as successful.
Product may vary slightly to shown in photographs due to continued product improvement.

  • Device to Help Putting on Socks Without Bending Down. UK Manufacture.
  • No Tapes or Cords to Tangle. Ideal If You Have Difficulty in Putting on Socks.
  • EasySock Sock Aid for Arthritis or Injury Back Pain Sufferers. Ideal for before or after Hip Replacement.
  • Flexible Wide Opening Makes it Easy to Put on Socks.
  • Long 750mm Strong but Flexible Moulding allows User to Sit When Putting on Socks.