DenadaDance Toe Stretchers – Pain Relief for Bunion / Plantar Fasciitis / Hallux Valgus / Hammertoe. Flex Gel Straighteners / Separators Will Relieve Pain in Your Feet, Toes & Ball of Foot. Perfect for Quickly Alleviating Pain After Practicing Ballet / Dance / Yoga and Sports Activities – Lifetime Foot Pain Relief GUARANTEE


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Guaranteed Foot Pain Relief

These quality toe stretchers/separators are made from a gel material that can immediately relieve pain associated with bunions, Hammer Toe, Mortons Neuroma & Plantar Fasciitis. Don’t let these painful conditions keep you off the dance floor.

The toe stretchers/separators help to realign problem toes, improve your posture and blood circulation. The gel soothes, invigorates and cushions your feet and toes so they feel less tired. They’re hypoallergenic and latex-free so they won’t irritate your skin.

Perfect for the feet relaxation after yoga, dance and other exercise.

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  • Great Valentines gift for her. Toe stretchers/straighteners are made from soft, gel material that provide soothing FOOT PAIN RELIEF
  • GUARANTEED EFFECTIVE TREATMENT for bunions, crowded toes, hammer toes, Mortons Neuroma, & Plantar Fasciitis
  • INCREASE FLEXIBILITY in toes & feet so they’re less tired after yoga, dancing & exercising
  • HYPOALLERGENIC & LATEX FREE premium gel toe separators won’t irritate your delicate skin
  • UNIQUE DESIGN helps straighten, stretch, relax & massage toes, improves posture & circulation too!