Copper Shield Plantar Fasciitis Copper Lined Ankle Socks and Sleeves,Extra Protection and Healing For Men/Women, Compression Support For Foot,Heel,Ankle,Arch, circulation + more


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Copper Shield Brings You The Latest In Compression Socks

More and more people are realising the healing benefits of copper to treat a wide range of aches, pains and even arthritis. This is why Copper Shield infuses the entire sleeve with Copper….
As well as being the ultimate compression foot socks, we give the finishing touches to all our products by infusing and lining them with top quality copper. This gives added benefits to an already leading product and sets us apart from the rest

Who Should Wear Copper Shield

You should wear Copper Shield if you are active and sporty and require extra protection, if you are recovering from an injury or want to prevent one, if you are at a desk all day and want to improve circulation, if you struggle to sleep and want extra blood flow to the foot, if you suffer from foot and ankle ailments such as Plantar Fasciits, foot spurs, arthritis, edema, poor circulation, arch injuries, RLS and more ;

Benefits Include:

• Superior woven design providing added comfort
• Sweat wicking material to keep feet cool at all times
• Copper infused for added power and protection
• Helps a long list of foot and leg ailments
•Can be worn at night or in the day as socks or under socks
• Satisfaction is our goal. If you are not 100% happy with your purchase, simply let Copper Shield know and we will work with you to make sure you are completely happy with your experience.

If you have any questions on sizing, please see our images above and sizing chart or contact us.
We believe we have created products that people train harder and recover better, add to cart now and see if they work for you and to take advantage of our current price which is subject to change.

  • ULTIMATE RELIEF > Lined with pure copper. Copper Shield foot sleeves are guaranteed to cure a number of ailments or your money back. Designed To Cure Plantar Fasciitis, improve poor cirulation to aid RLS (Restless leg syndrome)Arthritis, Heel Spurs,Tendinitis, Achilles Injuries, Arch Issues, Ankle Swelling And Promote Faster muscle recovery due to better Oxygen circluation
  • MULTIPLE USES > Can be used to prevent injury in sports, gives extra comfort when on your feet for long periods, improves circulation for people who sit at a desk for long periods, reduces deep vein thrombosis risk when used as flight socks, better oxygen circulation helps reduce lactic acid build up ans promotes faster muscle recovery
  • INFUSED WITH COPPER > More and more people are realising the healing benefits of copper to treat a wide range of aches, pains and even arthritis, This is why Copper Shield infuses the entire sleeve with Copper….All Copper Shield Products are infused with the highest copper content allowed at the highest quality. This combined with our specially designed woven pattern supports the right parts of the foot to reduce pain associated with plantar fasciitis and multiple conditions.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION > allows for all day / all night use – warehouse workers doing 12 hours shifts, doctors/nurses and people on their feet all day can benefit from sustained usage. Can be worn under regular socks or on their own, giving you a combined benefit of the compression sleeve to increase blood flow and the healing properties of Copper to heal injuries, tired muscles and sore joints….
  • 100% Money back guarantee > If our Copper Shield socks do not help the conditions above or for any reason you are unsatisifed, simply return them for a no questions asked money back guarantee. We are so confident in our product we will always offer this guarantee. Buy now to take advantage of our limited time introductory offer.