Cervical Neck Traction Device – Neck Pain Relief & Improved Spine Alignment


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This Easily Adjustable Home Cervical Traction Device – Neck Comforter Pillow with its effortless pumping and adjustable incline and neck cushions, is truly a breakthrough in home traction equipment! This Cervical Neck traction can stretch and relax the neck and shoulder muscles while improving the spinal posture. The stretching can decompress the spinal disc, which may minimize bulging and ease the constriction on nerve and blood circulation. This Neck massager pillow can also take pressure off the painful and stiff joints to relieve pain and improve mobility. How to Use: • Place around neck, adjust the circle to appropriate size and fix the nylon strap in the front. • Fasten the air-release screw before pumping. • Adjust the clutching condition in the lower part of the circle, and traction angle as comfort dictates or as prescribed by your doctor. • Hand pump until your neck is resting comfortably. After pumping, place the ball into the upper pipe to prevent the air from leaking out. • The machine may be used 20-30 minutes for medium and minor traction, and 1-3 minutes for major traction. • Begin gently with medium and minor traction, then moving on to major traction if comfortable. Treatment should occur 2-3 times daily for 10-20 days. • Only use as prescribed by your doctor if applying to serious injury. • After treatment, push back the ball first, expelling air as gradually as possible by slowly turning the screws. Do not squeeze the device. Contraindications: Whiplash (possible injury to the Dens of C2 – second cervical vertebrae) and all other acute neck injury. Osteomylitis (infection) Spinal Instability Spinal Hypermobility Tumors Rheumatoid Arthritis It feels so good – you can feel the difference. You will love it!

  • FAST NECK PAIN RELIEF – Provides fast neck pain relief, and a faster recovery from neck injuries, without the need for medications or surgery. Relieves neck pain for anyone suffering from neck arthritis, herniated/bulging disc in the neck, neck strains and cervical muscle spasms.
  • INCREASES BLOOD CIRCULATION – The cervical traction device helps by increasing blood circulation to the structures of the cervical spine, helping to oxygenate muscles, nerves, tendons, thus decreasing pain and promoting relaxation.
  • CORRECTS NECK POSTURE – Keeps your neck in a perfect posture allowing it to heal and prevents further neck injury and pain.
  • COMFORTABLE & EASY TO USE – Soft and comfortable fabric and inflates easily. No longer go to a physical therapist for neck traction; you can do neck traction at home just as effectively and safely.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE – The cervical traction device is fully adjustable to almost any size and can be used for men and women. For best results use 2-3 times daily for 30 minutes session each.