Black Tourmaline Gemstone Crystal Spiral Pendant


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A wonderful Natural crystal pendant with no drilling so the energies remain pure

Encased in a 14 mm silver plated spiral cage


Because this is a natural crystal slight colour variations will occur

The pendant measures approx 3/4″ to 1″ long x 1/2″ tp 3/4″ wide

The pendant is NOT supplied with a chain


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Black Tourmaline is also known as Schorl and is associated with the root chakra so it is very grounding. It is able to remove negative energies with ease from an individual or environment and once the negative energies have been dispelled it will then deflect it from returning which is what makes this such a popular crystal to use for powerful protection. It is also said to repellblack magick and will return the negative spell to the sender. Black Tourmaline I find can also take you to a level of higher awareness so would be great for psychics and those who seek psychic awareness. I have a piece next to my computers because it deflects the radiation, can also be used with mobile phones, DVD players, television sets etc etc. This is also a good crystal to strengthen the immune system and would help with gout, heart disease, panic attacks, fatigue and also arthritis. You can make an aura cleanser by placing Black Tourmaline in a glass of water overnight and then adding the water to a spray, mist bottle which you can use on your body or environment, you will really notice a big difference

  • Pierre Roulée
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