“BigFoot” Leaves Quite The Impression! The Most Powerful Magnetic Bracelet!


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Please Make Note That This Bracelet Actually Measures 23.495cm NOT 22.8cm So when you order 22.8cm it will arrive as 23.49cm Thank You. Make a huge impression with the “BigFoot” Magnetic Bracelet. Our Most Powerful Bracelet! Features: • Width: 5/8′ • Weight: 2 ounces – That’s HEAVY Man • Clasp: Fold Over Snap, Bracelet completely opens and lays flat • Magnet Type: 8,000 gauss per link, total 120,000 – 152,000 gauss for 19cm to 22.8cm. • Metal: Durable Stainless Steel Fine Quality Bracelet Our “BigFoot” magnetic bracelet is a unique piece of fine jewelry, with alternating patterns of brushed and polished bars. This unique pattern of stainless steel bars hides not one, but two powerful neodymium magnets per link. These are the most powerful magnets, which will lose 1% of their strength every 10 years. Measure your wrist before ordering Then purchase the size just slightly larger than your wrist measurement. The bracelet should feel comfortable on and no need to be super tight. You can get BigFoot wet But Remember BigFoot is from the wetlands of Washington State USA and gets Cranky unless you leave him alone once you put him on your wrist….Beware the power of “BigFoot” Does behave well when given as a gift FYI.

  • “BigFoot” Our Most Powerful Magnetic Bracelet!
  • Two 4000 Gauss Laser Point Magnets Per Link
  • Alternating patterns of Brushed and Polished Bars in each link making it a truly unique piece of jewelry even if it had no magnets – But Oh does it have magnets, Enjoy.
  • 30,32,34,38 Magnets, or between 120,000 to 152,000 Gauss!
  • Imported From The Woods Of Washington State, USA – Untamed!