Bad Knee Support – Unique Design Relieves Patella Knee Pain Quickly


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Fed up of your knee pain? Then this breakthrough double cross support could be the breakthrough you’re looking for! The secret lies in the twin Adjustable stabiliser strapping system, which counters all sorts of knee pain, by allowing you to create a form of ‘customised’ support around both the top AND bottom of the knee.

The velcro straps enable you to customise support above and below the knee cap. Additionally, the neoprene material covers the BACK of your knee, supporting the tendons from the rear. So you get support above and below the knee through customisable velcro strapping, PLUS support from the rear.

Made of neoprene for breathability and to ensure the circulation can flow.

  • Breakthrough Double-Strap System applied means you can CUSTOMISE support pressure on patella, whilst minimising any poor circulation to the calf. Whether your pain is lateral, horiztonal or general, this custom support can work for you too
  • Ideal for all sorts of knee pain – patella tendonitis, oschlatters, joint dysfunction, anterior knee pain, jumpers knee, arthritis etc.
  • Premium neoprene material for heat, comfort, and compression so you hardly know you’re wearing it throughout the dayt
  • Open cap design for breathability and ventilation to the knee – with velcro strapping system for both above and below the knee for customised support
  • Lightweight, easy to use and starts to work instantly!