BackRack Back and Neck Pain Relief Spinal Decompression Technology Designed to Actively Manage Chronic Low Mid and High Back Pain LARGE


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A UNIQUE, SAFE AND EFFECTIVE REMEDY FOR RELIEVING BACK-PAIN! Focus on… The best or nothing! The BackrackTM is an indispensable aid for patients suffering from spinal disorders. It will benefit sufferers of spine-related pain, and conditions such as sciatica and numbness caused by bulging discs. Mr Luklinski is London’s leading spinal specialist who has developed the BackrackTM for patients attending his Harley Street clinic in London, UK. The BackrackTM is given to patients during treatment to help reduce pain and to aid recovery. While it is not meant to be a substitute for physical treatment, it does provide a means for back pain sufferers to reduce the symptoms associated with many back conditions such as sciatica and herniated discs. It is a unique and effective product, and is of great benefit to patients suffering from back pain and stiffness. Unlike other spinal products which are merely marketing toys, this is an actual orthopaedic device worldwide patented. Height restrictions The following height restrictions should also be observed: The small BackrackTM is suitable for anyone between 1.55m and 1.75m tall. The large BackrackTM is suitable for anyone between 1.75m and 2.00m tall.

  • Unique patented technology suspends the users spine within the channel, lengthening the joints of the back and causing the spine to decompress
  • Designed by B.M. Luklinski of the Luklinski Spine Clinic in London. Established in 1969, the clinic has treated over 85,000 patients
  • The BackRack was specifically designed to address: all types of back pain, sciatica, hip pain, bulging/herniated/prolapsed discs, stenosis, nerve impingement, leg pain, and much more
  • During a series of simple guided exercises included with the BackRack, users should feel a noticeable decrease in pain even after the first use
  • Effective, safe and unique. The BackRack is constructed from high-quality ethically-sourced materials