Arthriton PURE COPPER Bracelet For RHEUMATISM, ARTHRITIS, PAIN RELIEF Copper Chain Bracelet 8mm wide fits wrist up to 17.5cm


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COPPER THERAPY CHAIN BRACELET 8mm WIDE Considered helpful in reducing pain associated with conditions such as Arthritis, Rheumatism, tendonitis, painful joints RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS.

SOLID COPPER A handmade and machine polished copper anklet made using 99.9 percent pure copper. The bracelet fits a wrist up to 17.5cm. The design makes it easy to wear and non obtrusive.

THERAPY AND COPPER Copper therapy is not new. There are historical references dating back thousands of years. Most ancient cultures; Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, Arabic, and Hebrew, used the beneficial effects of copper to safe guard good health and promote wellbeing. The use of copper for the treatment of arthritis is one of the oldest treatments for the condition still existing today. In Ancient Greece, the use of copper bracelets was recorded to relieve aches and pains, similar to arthritis. It is a widely debated subject, but people who experience the health benefits of copper bracelets for their arthritis claim that the benefits are too strong to be denied. Copper has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, both thought to combat joint pain and enable sufferers to move more freely without pain.

GUARANTEE This product is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for one year.

  • AMAZON SPECIAL – PURE COPPER Chain Bracelett 8mm Wide with toggle clasp
  • NATURAL NON-INVASIVE PAIN RELIEF- Copper has a history of helping with joint problems such as Rheumatism, Arthritis, RSI, Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel, giving millions of people amazing pain relief
  • Arthriton – The Brand that uses only the purest copper available, MILLIONS of SATISFIED CUSTOMERS