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NATUCE Breathable Neoprene Ankle Support Wrap with Loop Fasteners

If you’ve recently been injured and are undergoing treatment or post-surgery recovery, or if you simply desire extra support during your workouts, these premium quality ankle supports from NATUCE are perfectly suited to supporting people with the prevention and recovery of injuries.

Extra-thick neoprene layer provides added protection against harm.

Moisture vents cover the entire brace to dissipate sweat effectively and create a comfortable wearing experience.

Fully adjustable strap closure allows users to find the perfect fit and avoid slipping during even the most active motions.

The crisscross straps significantly stabilize vibration and absorbs pressure for all major ankle joints and tendons, including the talocrural joint and the Achilles tendons.

A fully adjustbale design makes it an ideal support for post-surgery recovery and general protection against acute and chronic ankle straing caused by high intensity exercises.

The NATUCE breathable neoprene ankle support featuresan open heel design to allow a wide range of motions during activities and still provide maximum support for the ankle.

Product Specification:

Color: Black

Material: OK Cloth and Elastic Bondage.

Suitable Gender: Kid Women Men

Suitable Sports: Running Basketball Football Dance Jumping Skateboard

Foot Size in UK: One Size Fits All


Ankle Sprain

Ankle Fracture

Stress Fracture



Other ankle swelling

Cleaning Tip:

Never use hot water, bleach and other strong acid wash, because the material organization will be destroyed easily, which will cause pilling, fabric loose and deformation and so on.

Package Including:

1*Ankle Knee Brace + 1* Bondage

  • With this Ankle Support Brace, its one size fits all, meaning you can adjust the straps as you wish. Hand wash only and one brace included.
  • With this great design, the ankle support will fit either foot and provides extreme comfort to help you recovery from the injury you have. With the slim design, you can even fit this inside your shoes and can be used almost anywhere.
  • Sturdy crisscrossing hook and loop straps provide extra stability while restricting unnecessary movement; perfect for recovering your Achilles tendon, talocrural joint and other vulnerable tissues.
  • Our Neoprene Ankle Brace is suitable for post- surgery recovery and will help recover from ankle sprains, strains, arthritis, Achilles pain and more. This has been designed to restrict movement very slightly and helps to provide stability.
  • This Ankle Brace can also be used for walking short or long distances as well as sport, including; walking, running, football, basketball and much more.