Ankle, Calf and Knee Support. Includes All 3 Items. Open Patella Knee Brace. Premium Support for Arthritis, Meniscus and Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). Features 1. Airflow Channels 2. Breathable Design 3. Comfort Fibre. One Size. Calf and Shin Splints Support. Best for Men and Women. Strong Neoprene Material. Lifetime Satisfaction Guaranteed.


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The Ankle, Calf and Knee Support will be great for those that take part in running, yoga, pilates, football, cricket, basketball, ice or field hockey, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, baseball, golf, cycling, track and field, swimming, skiing, boxing, rowing, water polo, speed or figure skating, canoe or kayak, lacrosse, wrestling, racquetball or squash, rugby and many more. Take it with you during travel, if it’s down the road or across continents. © 2015 Tawenza Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

  • OPEN PATELLA KNEE BRACE. Helps to provide support and stability to an injured knee, can be used in both work-related and sporting environments. Fits the left or right knee. Compatible with Hot and Cold Therapy Disk. Used in many different activities such as walking, jogging, running, yoga, gymnastics, rugby and many more. Extra stitching around the sides enables the neoprene to keep more warmth to the muscles and joints for quicker recovery. A lot more effective than compression sleeve.
  • OPEN HEEL ANKLE SUPPORT. Deliver care to ankle tendons and joints following a surgery, ankle rehabilitation or general protection against injured, weak, arthritic ankles, strains and sprains caused by high intensity labour work or exercise. Fits the left or right ankle. Compatible with Hot and Cold Therapy Disk. An effective design allows the ankle to perform a wide range of motions. The strap makes sure that the ankle is stabilised in motion and offers extra needed support.
  • THREE STRAP CALF SUPPORT. A great pain relief and support item for those that are suffering from shin splints, leg pain or wanting to prevent injury in general. Are you a runner? Perfect, this will reduce calf cramps and muscle fatigue giving you optimum performance to compete with the top players. It’s a much better alternative to compression sleeves. Fits the left or right leg. High quality, breathable and durable material. Greater circulation flow around the legs to help quicker recovery.
  • STRONG AND LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIALS. It’s comfortable due to a specialised design that avoids both annoyance and rubbing. Perfect fit with a smart strap attachment that are easily adjustable. Engineered in such a way that energy and focus was spent on choosing the correct material types for maximum performance. Enhanced comfort and quality. Mainly designed from neoprene, a soft lightweight anti-slip material for better experience. Also, water resistant and sweat-proof.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you no longer want the pain, discomfort or irritation then order now, it is risk free. Refund will be sent right away if the product is not for you, no questions asked. Plus a brand new one will be sent to you if for any reason there is a problem with the existing product. The deal is so that you have nothing to lose, as a small family business we truly value our customers and exceed their expectations in everything we do. © 2015 Tawenza Ltd. All Rights Reserved.