9.5cm Spiky Massage Ball Spiky Exercise Ball Release Ball Roller Self Massager Ball Spiky Fitness Ball for Deep Tissue Massage, Stress Reflexology Relief Blue


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✔9.5cm Hard Massage Ball is a convenient and economical fitness equipment
✔It is ideal for self-myofascial release and massage therapy, this hard massage ball is able to give you the full massage routine, just like a massage therapist
✔The general method of using a hard massage ball is pressure point type self-massage, such as gently roll the therapeutic massage ball in a circular or rocking motion, applying your preferred amount of pressure, onto the affected area to increase blood flow, loosen tight knotted muscles and relieve tension

★Surface with massage grid trigger point
★Specially designed firm bumps to gently massage muscles
★The hard massage ball can be used for almost any area of the body, particularly recommended for the back, legs and shoulders
★It can ease your muscle and tightness of the upper and lower back, hamstring, adductors, upper arm, and much more!
★Can be used for a sports massage, muscle rehabilitation and aiding a full body workout,improves circulation & relieves muscle pain
★The most popular pilates/yoga trainers, it is suitable for all people
★Economical and versatile exercise tool
★Hard wearing and sturdy product
★Easy to clean

✔Help With plantar fasciitis, sore muscles, warming up before exercise and for use post exercises and workouts
✔It Also works great for minor aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, back, feet, chest and calves
✔Perfect to roll away deep muscle knots and tight muscle areas using your own body weight and increases circulation throughout the entire body
✔Ultra firmness and trigger point massage effect on all areas of the body

Material: PVC
Net Weight: 115g
Size: 9.5cm
Surface: Grid Trigger Point
Available Color: Black, Blue, Red
Package Include:
1*9.5cm Hard Massage Ball

  • ★Before and after exercise, use massage balls to warm up or recovery, helps to decrease injury. This spiky massage ball will keep you feeling flexible and free during both exercise and everyday life
  • ★Easy to clean and store, the spiky massage balls can be used to gently treat muscular aches and pains either alone or together to achieve a dual action result. Suitable for home, office, outdoor and other fitness exercises
  • ★Get Your Massage Anywhere: The compact design makes the spiky massage ball easily portable, ideal for use at home or away. Easy to clean and store, lightweight and compact design, exercise wherever and whenever
  • ★Versatile Massage Ball: Economical and versatile exercise tool, it can be used for a sports massage, muscle rehabilitation and aiding a full body workout,improves circulation & relieves muscle pain
  • ★Usage: You can sit or lay on the ball, press it against the wall using your back and move side to side and up and down for a back massage, use your hand to roll the ball in a circular motion on your body, or roll the ball under the foot whilst sat down. Increase the pressure that you apply to the ball for a real deep tissue massage if required