Category: Vibrator MasturbationModel: dj150828Shelf Life: 3 yearsMaterial: Silicone, ABSSound of vibration: less than 55 dBWater resistant: Water Resistant 100%Power supply: AAA batteries * 1 (you need buy same)Applications and Characteristics:...

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High quality, pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt available. The wonders of Epsom salt have been well known for hundreds of years and, unlike other salts, has beneficial properties that can soothe the body, mind, and soul. Some of the countless...

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NEO G - Knee Support - Stabilised And Hinged Open KneeIntroducing the Neo G range of orthapedic sports supports ,designed to aid the prevention of recurring injuries,rehabilitation of existing ones, and to assist in the renewal of soft tissue...

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What is green lipped mussel? Zestlife Green Lipped Mussel Extract or perna canaliculus is a remarkable supplement in our range of amino acids supplements fast gaining a reputation as a type of Superfood - packed with a mixture of Glucosamine,...

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BXT 1 Pair Knee Calf Legging Support Warmer Sleeve Brace Wrap Pad Guard •MATERIALS: Premium Cashmere,Spendex •STYLE: Over the knee •SIZE: length 40cm, width 12cm, fit thigh circ 33-57cm •WEIGHT: 230G FUNCTION: ♦ Warm up Knee and...

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BXT 1 Pair Wool Pad Knee Calf Legging Support Warmer Sleeve Brace Wrap Pad Guard •MATERIALS: Premium Cashmere, Faux wool,Spendex •STYLE: Over the knee •SIZE: length 40cm, width 12cm, fit thigh circ 33-57cm •WEIGHT: 230G FUNCTION: ...

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The TourPro Sports Patella Knee Strap Support (2 Pair Pack) is specifically designed for protection against Jumper's Knee for sports such as Basketball, Tennis, Squash, Volleyball, Badminton, Crossfit & Runner's Knee for I.T band tightness that...

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What our Customers are saying: "The Ovvio Oils muscle pain relief blend is awesome!" -scott a landry "Ovvio Oils, you DID it again, your products keep me Amazed and pain free." -bumpascorner "If you tend to experience muscle soreness, I highly...

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AN ALL NATURAL SKINCARE TREATMENT, GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOU STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD? Everyone's talking about Poppy Austin® Rosehip Oil. Find out why TODAY! Imagine how wonderful it will feel being able to walk out of your house each morning with...

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PRODUCT MATERIAL 6 strong neodymium magnets of 15x3mm diameter and 800-1000 Gauss strength each. Inner Wrap - High Quality Medical Grade Breathable Neoprene. Neoprene belongs to a family of synthetic rubbers which are ideal for orthopedic...

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"The Neo G Open Knee Support offers dynamic support and adjustable compression to the knee complex without restricting movement. The open patella design with stitched buttress helps with patellar tracking whilst providing added support and helping...

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Neoprene Wrist & Thumb Brace • Full length malleable thumb extension bar • Removable palmar and radial bar • Grip tabs for easy donning/doffing • Washable at 40 degrees Indications For Use: • Healing fractures, healing ligament injuries,...

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