Premier Neoprene Adjustable Knee Support Brace With Open Patella – Improve Recovery – Superb Comfort and Fully Adjustable Ideal for Gym, Arthritis and Knee Injuries by HCSolutions


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HealthCoreSolutions presents to you our New Neoprene Adjustable knee support which helps rehabilitation of the knee and can help treat ligament damage like the ACL, PCL, LCL and the MCL ligaments.

This product also helps to recover from tissue tares, sprains, knee pain and even helps with arthritis. If your trying to recover from a serious injury with no support, there is a very high risk of damaging the ligaments, muscles and tares even more. With our support, it helps to restrict movement, this reduces the risk of bending the knee and damaging it further.

This support has straps to help adjust how tight you want the brace to be and the Neoprene makes the product very comfortable to wear. The material is very strong which makes this product very durable.

What sizes do you have?

Our product comes in sizes ranging from small, medium and large. Before purchasing this product please remember to check your correct measurements, remember, the support has straps to tighten, so don’t be hesitant to get a slightly larger size if your measurement is big for a size, for example: A knee with a measurement of 36cm may want to go for the medium size so you have room and can adjust the support easily.

When can I use the product?

We suggest using the product when moving around, walking, light jogging etc. We suggest you don’t use it while sitting for long periods of time or sleeping.

  • NEW NEOPRENE ADJUSTABLE BLACK KNEE SUPPORT BRACE FOR 2016 – This new open patella knee brace helps to stabilize all kinds of knee injuries by providing maximum support and reducing strain on the knee. The velcro straps allow you to tighten and loosen the product, it can be used by men and woman.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If this knee support is not up to your standards, we will refund you the full amount. We are extremely committed to customer support and we want to make sure all our customers are happy with the products we provide. If you have any questions please ask as we are here to help.
  • HELPS TO REHABILITATE ALL KNEE INJURIES – This knee brace will help to rehabilitate all knee injuries including the following ACL,LCL,PCL,MCL ligament damage and also effectively relieves post-surgery knee pain, arthritis and all strains. This is extremely breathable which makes this very comfortable to wear. This knee sleeve can be used for walking, jogging, wrestling, basketball, football, dance, crossfit, gym, running and all kinds of exercise.
  • RESTRICTS MOVEMENT – If you are worried about too much movement, then this product helps to reduce movement within a few degrees. As mentioned above, you can use these knee supports for arthritic knees and all sports. The support is crafted to help restrict movement to a certain degree, this helps to rehabilitate all the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
  • A COMFORTABLE PULL ON BRACE – As well as support, this provides you with extreme comfort. This knee support brace comes in S (SMALL), M (MEDIUM), L (LARGE) and XL (Extra Large). Made from Neoprene, this slip on knee sleeve will keep the joints warm which adds a little more comfort and satisfaction. When the knee joints are cold, they tend to become painful and this knee compression sleeve helps to keep the joints warm.