Magnetic Copper Arthritis Therapy Bracelet ~ Stylish Crosshatch Design with 6 Magnets to Relieve Arthritis for Men or Women by Chain-Relief®


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An elegant and beautifully designed piece of therapeutic jewellery with a crosshatch motif intended to provide relief from arthritis and joint pain, RSI, and carpel tunnel syndrome, and to improve poor circulation. Copper bracelets and bangles have been used for centuries as the traditional way to alleviate arthritic symptoms and pains. The incorporation of six magnets add the benefits of modern magnotherapy, used by millions across the world, as a safe, drug and chemical-free alternative remedy for arthritis and related conditions. Suitable for both men and women, this pure copper bracelet can be gently adjusted to fit. Note – the bangle should only need to be adjusted the first time, repeated shaping may cause the metal to break. The cuff should be slid, pointing outward, over the soft spot just above the wrist until it rests against the arm, and then turned to lie on the wrist joint just above the hand. Be aware that the band is designed to lie a little loose on the wrist. Health benefits aside, as a stylish piece of jewellery in its own right it would make a delightful present or gift. Delivered inside its own velvet bag.

  • A pure copper bracelet with 6 strong magnets to relieve arthritis and poor circulation.
  • onsidered to offer the best traditional therapy and latest magnotherapy for arthritis joint pain, RSI, carpel tunnel and related problems.
  • Unisex, suitable for men and women. The bracelet measures approx. 17cm total length, and can be adjusted to fit.
  • Materials sourced in the UK. Pure copper 99.9% with magnets closely spaced for a powerful, even field.
  • Makes an attractive jewellery gift, with an elegant crosshatch design and packaged in a velvet bag.