LIVIVO ® Powerful 8 Magnet Neoprene Knee Patella Tendon Support Brace – Adjustable and Breathable Leg Strap for Knee Joint Injury, Pain and Discomfort and Improving Circulation (One Strap)


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Magnetic therapy is non-invasive and used for pain relief of the joints and muscles. The 8 x health magnets are spread out evenly at the front of the neoprene strap. When the strap is worn the magnets are positioned just below the patella. Wearing the strap will stabilise your patella, helping to improve tracking. The strap also stabilise and reduce strain to the patella tendon. This reduces pain and discomfort all around your knee area. The magnetic strap aids mobility by easing pressure on the knee. It can be worn while working or playing sports. The comfortable design won`t affect your movement. The lightweight, quality neoprene material is great at retaining body heat, creating warmth. The warmth combined with the magnets will increase blood flow to your knee. This can in some cases relieve pain and aid healing. TheLIVIVO ® Magnetic Patella Support can be worn on either knee, bring relief from painful, sore and weak joints by providing added compression against the patella. Simple and comfortable to wear, it’s undetectable under clothing. The LIVIVO ® knee strap can be adjusted to most size knees using the Velcro fasteners. One Size Fits All (average size). Hand wash only. (DO NOT tumble dry)

Information about magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy is based on the theory that magnets near to the skin will help to increase the blood flow to the affected area. An increased blood flow will mean that there are more healing properties going to that area. This can help to keep the area warm and reduce the pain, but also help to heal the injury and help it to recover more efficiently.

  • Magnetic healing therapy for knee joints.
  • 8 health magnets at front of the neoprene strap
  • Supports patella with extra cushioning
  • Warmth increases blood supply to joints
  • Simple and comfortable to wear- One size fits all – Hand wash only