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Emu Oil was discovered thousands of years ago by Australian aborigines. The harsh environment of the Australian Outback was brutal on their skin and body. They soon realized that not only was the emu an important source of food, it also produced a golden oil that helped treat a wide variety of common ailments including dry skin, pain, rashes and wounds.
Although emu oil has been used for centuries by people all over the world, it’s still not widely known about in the United States. But those who do have found that it makes a huge difference in their ability to help their conditions so they can get on with living active and productive lives. They have experienced improvement in their arthritis symptoms, eczema and psoriasis rashes, joint and muscle pain from athletic injuries and over exertion, and improved healing of cuts and scrapes.
Emu oil has powerful effects but is gentle enough to use on babies, children, even pets.
Can be used in conjunction with other Emu Joy products including Banish My Pain, Banish My Rash, Banish My Callus, Banish Chapped Lips and On the Go Skin Soother Stick.

Experience the Proven Benefits of Emu Oil Now

No Parabens, Perfumes or Fragrance Oils Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Wheat-Free No Petroleum Products

  • Most Absorbent Oil: Works For So Many Different Conditions Due To Its Exceptional Ability To Penetrate Into All 7 Layers Of The Skin, And Is A Natural Anti Inflammatory And Antibacterial.
  • Made In The Usa: Our Emu Oil Comes From A Family Farm Where The Emus Are Humanely Raised. Every Bottle Is Identified With A Lot Number And Bottling Date That Freshness. Beware Of Cheap Imported Oils That Don’T Meet The Stringent Standards That Aea Certified Oil Does. Quality Emu Oil Has No Smell.
  • No Chemicals No Parabens No Fragrance No Gluten No Additives Period! Can Be Used On Sensitive And Rash Prone Skin, And Is Also Safe To Ingest, So Can Be Used For Your Pets’ Skin Conditions Too.
  • Omega 3, 6 And 9 Nourish Your Skin. Its Cellular Composition Allows It To Penetrate Much Deeper Into The Skin Than Other Oils Such As Mineral Oil. This Brings Its Powerful Antioxidants Into The Skin’S Cells Where They Work To Prevent And Repair Damage.