Copper compression knee support sleeve for joint support and muscle recovery. ionocore® highest 88% copper-infused nylon for improved circulation, pain relief and durability. Lightweight and anti-slip for maximum support (Large)


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ioncore® copper compression support sleeves provide comfort, knee support and compression with the highest possible level of copper-infused nylon fibres at 88% guaranteed.

Compression fit to brace and support your knee.
Jet-black Nylon/Spandex composite for the best knee support.

  • you won’t find higher copper levels anywhere else.
  • comfortable, durable and anti-slip knee brace – retains it elasticity and effectiveness
  • high performance knee support nylon spandex composite material provides long-lasting support
  • allows for a full range of motion with support and compression for complete peace of mind and muscle support
  • helps to prevent injury, support the joint and reduce recovery time following strain or injury
  • provides warmth and helps to reduce pain, reduce inflammation and increase circulation and muscle recovery

Whether you’re into sports, lead an active lifestyle or have a recurring muscular or joint problem causing knee pain or discomfort around the knee joint (such as runners knee), ioncore® active compression wear is the ideal addition.
It can also be worn to support the knee after knee-surgery or if you suffer from arthritis.

Lightweight and slim

Unisex – ioncore® is the best compression knee support sleeve you can buy for comfort, quality and value and it’s suitable for men and women with multiple sizes available – simply use our chart to find the right compression fit.

No irritation, no odour, no fuss. Just quality unisex compression wear to brace your knee come rain or shine.

ionocore® copper infused nylon is also anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-odour.

  • ✔ KNEE SUPPORT & COMPRESSION – ionocore® copper compression knee support sleeve provides maximum joint support and compression fit without restricting movement, mobility or blood flow.
  • ✔ 88% COPPER NYLON – Pain relief, joint protection and muscle recovery with the highest concentration of copper nylon available.
  • ✔ ACCELERATE RECOVERY – Compression has been proven to stimulate increased circulation to aid recovery of injured or strained muscles and joints, as well as the joint pain such from arthritis.
  • ✔ COMFORTABLE, DURABLE & ANTI-SLIP – quality and unique nylon/spandex composite for men and women. The lightweight and breathable high performance fabric means your skin can breathe.
  • ✔ ANTI-BACTERIAL, ANTI-ODOUR – ionocore® copper fibre material helps to eliminate odours commonly caused by bacteria. Ionocore® sleeves also come with a quality and excellence guarantee or your money back.