Actesso Black Elasticated Wrist Support Splint The Black Elasticated Wrist Brace Support is ideal for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Wrist Fractures, Repetitive Strain Injuries or Wrist sprains and Strains When should I use it? This support can be used...

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The Theramit came into being as a result of the ideas and creativity of a sportswear designer and a Physiotherapist specialising in Rheumatology. It was then refined by Theramit Ltd with the help of NHS Therapists based in local hospitals...

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Rosehip As the name suggests, Rosehip is actually derived from the rose flower that is so commonly used to display romantic affections. What many people don't know is that part of that very same flower can also be used to the benefit of the human...

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Arthriton the trusted brand, manufactured for over 40 years. Guaranteed quality, this handmade solid copper bracelet is made from 99.9 percent pure copper. The bracelet width is 6.75mm and features a floral pattern on its highly polished...

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"Mava Sports" is proud to bring you the perfect Extra Compression for next level training. Whether you're a Cross Training fanatic, a powerlifting pro, or just a newbie, these high quality knee sleeves will give you the support and confidence to...

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What is the Empi Direct TENS machine?The Empi Direct TENS machine (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator) is a compact dual channel handheld device which utilises a range of nerve stimulation programmes to aid in the treatment and management...

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