100% Natural Sports Muslce Rub Spicy Ginger,Sweet Marjoram & Lavender 125ml


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Ultra Bee Sports Muscle Rub offers a unique range of natural skincare products, formulated to protect and beautify. The technology is based upon the Beneficial qualities of RAW HONEY, BEESWAX, BEE PROPOLIS and BEE POLLEN and high quality cold-pressed AVOCADO OIL. These powerful extracts from nature are high in fatty acids, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, protein, co-enzymes and anti-oxidants

  • 100% Natural Relaxing lightly Warming Sports Muscle Balm aids easing muscle discomfort and tension in joints and tendons. Also suitable for those with Arthritis.
  • Contains Beneficial Honey, Propolis, Spicy Ginger, Sweet Marjoram and Lavender
  • No Chemicals, Colourants or Preservatives.
  • Suitable for Sensitive and Hyper-allergenic skin
  • A handmade product with Honey, Beeswax and Bee Propolis.